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About 24/7 Remodeling

Trusted and recommended for over 15 years, 24/7 Remodeling is the premier provider of home remodeling services in Berks, Lancaster, Montgomerry, and Chester Counties Pennsylvania. Homeowners depend on our personal and professional service, literally, - day or night. Sometimes our 24/7 remodelers work around the clock to finish the projects on time. Our specialty is kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations and other interiors remodeling services: carpentry, tiling, flooring, painting, drywall, windows and doors, flooring, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, etc. We stand by our estimates, supervise and guarantee        the  work and double the standard 1 year workmanship warranty on projects over $20,000 for free!                    For your convenience, our staff is on stand-by, ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Process

As a small, but closely managed company, we deliver superior remodeling service which you can't get from the big companies. They are just too busy with themselves, chasing large projects or commercial work. Therefore, we compete for each and every job - meaning we work harder to obtain and keep your business. Happy customers first is our bottom line.

Preconstruction Design

At 24/7 Remodeling, we design and customize to your exact kitchen and bathroom measurements, for better fit and total satisfaction.

Design & Construction Estimate

Within 3 days from the on-site design consultation, you'll receive a down-to-the-penny price quote that will be good for 60 days.

On-Site Consultations

During your inital consultation, we'll precisely measure your kitchen, bathroom, interior rooms and help you choose cabinets and fixtures, colors, options and hardware.

The Finishing

Can you think of another project that delivers a remarkable transformation? Spruce up your space with new paint! The easiest way to improve your home, on a budget!

Our Quality Guarantee

Nothing feels quite as good as well-tailored clothing, crafted specifically to your size, shape and style preference. 
Off-the-rack clothing just doesn't perfectly fit everyone's measurements. 
Similarly, plain vanilla kitchens and baths fall short of expectations in the same way.

The materials and the workmanship that go into our bathrooms and kitchens is of exceptional quality and durability, and far exceed what is available through the big box home improvement stores. Our bathrooms and kitchens are fitted to your exact house measurements for the best looks and maximum comfort.


24/7 Remodeling has been in business for over 16 years. With a crew of experienced craftsmen and top-rated quality materials - backed by one year warranty (two year warranty on projects over $20,000) we are your area best resource for your home remodeling needs. Our quality warranties are backed up by manufacturers guarantees that we transfer to you, the homeowner!

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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